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SOLVENT RECLAIMER MACHINE  |  E-mail: arm@armmakine.com


E-mail: arm@armmakine.com | Phone : +90 224 441 72 35


Products and services used in the production process lead to the production of contaminated solvents, and so utilizing this material several times and cleaning and distillation machine is of great demand. Therefore we manufactured ARMI Solvent Regeneration " solvents (thinner) Regeneration - Cleaning" machines

Paint, ink residues, oil, polyester, mixed with all kinds of contaminants and pollutants become reusable by means of the solvent-purifying machines resulting in the following benefits.

  • Purchases of new very large amounts of solvent is economized by reducing it by 80%
  • Minimizing the amount of hazardous waste disposal and environmental protection
  • Continuous use of clean solvent makes it possible to upgrade the quality of products
  • Quality certification system meets the demands on environmental protection

The following summary table helps to assess investment criteria:

  • Technical data, excellent, more than 95% recovery
  • Process Practices, easy to install and fully automatic
  • Complete technical safety - safe, 3 different safety standards
  • Low operation expenses, only limited electrical power and low labor is required
  • Maintenance for 2000 hours, cheap oil and seal change
  • Environmental impact, harmless, environmental friendly, allows to protect environment
  • Return on investment, very fast, daily use repays itself in 2 months

ARM solvent cleaning machines operates according to the principle of fully automatic closed cycle of dirty solvent distillation . Tanks are nested into machines, welded and mineral oil heated by electrical heater elements connect the two tanks, controlled by two thermocouples.

With the introduction of electric heating element heating the oil, the dirty solvent in the stainless steel tank heats homogeneously and in a safe manner. The evaporating solvent passes through air cooled condenser and condenser outlet where concentrated clean solvent flows from a hose into the collection container . During the solvent evaporation only volatile solvents evaporate thus polluting resin, pigments and other solids oil remain in the tank and the dirty solvent is cleaned 100%.

All these operations are controlled by 3 thermocouple and 1 transmitter controlled by the automatic process control unit. Distillation of the dirty solvent tank continues until there is virtually no solvents and at this point the machine stops automatically. When the distillation is finished, residue left in the tank should be cleaned of contaminants. If necessary, dirty solvent tank can be placed into special plastic bags at the end of the distillation and so all impurities remain into the bag which is disposable.

ARM Distillation Machinery is capable of regenerating the desired solvent back to the maximum of 99%. ARM Solvent Cleaning Machines are produced according to Atex 94/9 / EC EN 60079 safety standard. At the end of every 2000 operating hours the heating oil and after 500 working hours the tank cover seal are easily changed and performed as a service for many years.


SOLVENT RECLAIMER MACHINE Solvent Arıtma Makineleri |
E-mail: arm@armmakine.com | Phone : +90 224 441 72 35