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E-mail: arm@armmakine.com | Phone : +90 224 441 72 35

AR 200 Distillation Machine

AR 200 model is ideal for small and medium - sized businesses. Tank capacity is 240 liters. 200 liter waste can be placed into it. Distillation duration is 6 hours cycle and comes up to about 8 hours with loading and unloading time.

ARM Distillation Machinery is capable of regenerating the desired solvent back to the maximum of 99%. Waste stays inside the tank, lid opens approximately 1-2 hours after the end of distillation, by turning the crank handle machine is tilted and emptied, the remaining waste is cleaned. The 2 " valve at the bottom of the tank can easily flush out the waste left unless it is too solid .

Additional automatic pump is optional. İf the machıne uses the pump and the valve to flush out the waste, destillitaion can continue without opening the cover for reloading.

This way energy and time is saved. Control is performed by the touch screen and PLC. Maintenance may not be required for 1-2 months depending on frequency of usage, and only changing the tank cover seal is needed.

Technicial Specifications

Capacity Boiler Volume Power Average Consumption Voltage Initial heating time Treatment Time Filling Weight Dimensions
200 Liter 225 Liter 18 KW 13 KW. 380V. 50 Minute 6 Hour Optional 350 Kg 125x85x135 cm
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E-mail: arm@armmakine.com | Phone : +90 224 441 72 35